Shawn Blanc

Now, I realize that to have already written almost 600 words may seem like a lot to simply describe the awkwardness of trying to keep a podcast up to date. But: (a) I think we’ve all figured out by now that I have an affinity for writing about these types of things in detail; and (b) I’m trying to paint a picture for why I hardly ever listened to podcasts — up until a few weeks ago there was just no simple way to keep up with them.

Shawn gives a great review of Instacast, an iOS app that has greatly improved my podcast consumption in nearly every way. It has completely replaced iTunes’ podcast functionality for me. Finding and subscribing to the shows I enjoy is delightfully easy and the ability to keep up-to-date and download new content without having to sync has reignited my love for a good podcast. My backlog had grown to nearly a month of playtime in untouched shows. Now I’ve declared Podcast Bankruptcy and enjoy new content on a daily basis.

I should also plug a few of the great shows I enjoy:

  • 5by5 — All of Dan Benjamin & Co.’s broadcasts.
  • Core Intuition — Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece’s Mac Development podcast.
  • iDeveloper Live — Scotty’s reincarnation of the MDN Show.
  • The B&B Podcast — A tech show hosted by Ben Brooks and Shawn himself.