Given my childhood obsession with Jack the Ripper, this book tapped into an undercurrent of nostalgia for me. It was an enjoyable, engaging read that held my attention throughout in the face of a somewhat unsurprising plot. Laura Joh Rowland layered deep emotional bonds between the main character and her supporting cast, which help maintain a high stakes as the danger drew closer and closer. That said, the connection she had to the Ripper’s murder victims felt tenuous at best and I was left wondering whether someone would really put themselves at such risk, especially after the initial confrontation with the villain.

The only other fault I had with the book was too much “telling” of the emotions and feelings of others through the main character. It started to feel as though they were projecting and, frankly, being petty. But this wasn’t enough to tear me out of the flow of the story and may have simply been an accurate portrayal of the character’s thought process.

Reading medium: Kindle
Rating: Enjoyed
My categorization: Historical Mystery