John Gallagher

It’s also very ugly, using some kind of horrible Java swing UI framework, but with features like these, I couldn’t care less.

It really is ugly. But he’s right, it sports some amazing features that Xcode could use.


Seth Willits / @sethwillits

QuickPick is being kicked out of the App Store.
It doesn’t matter that QuickPick existed years before Launchpad.

This is upsetting.

While I personally don’t like it, I can understand Apple’s stance on rejecting applications that too closely mirror built-in functionality. But to approve an app and then pull it later is ludicrous. It doesn’t help the fact that the MAS opened just a short while ago. If they wanted to reject it, they should have done so then.

I feel that, while far from optimal, rejecting applications at the time of submission is far more acceptable than removing them after the fact. If Apple wants to Sherlock someone, fine. But at least let them continue to sell their product to those who find the built-in functionality less satisfying.


Dan Benjamin has completely taken over my ears. I’ve been going show by show listening to his entire lineup.


Daniel, the creator of MarsEdit, lists a few different methods with which one can continue to use MarsEdit and enjoy the many benefits of a static web blog. Of note, he mentions a new project just released by Tom Insam which exposes a Jekyll installation for MetaWeblog editing capabilities, a server-side solution in comparison to my Jekyll-based client-side solution.


Craig Hockenberry

It’s no secret that the Mac App Store is a terrific new distribution channel for developers. Apple also provides plenty of documentation on how to prepare your app for submission.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information on how to create a product that can also be distributed through more traditional channels, such as your own product website. This guide will help you update your Xcode projects to make it as simple as possible to create products for both channels simultaneously.

He always offers sound advice.